Pro Leather Restore

The ultimate all-in-one leather repair solution is now available to help you avoid costly repairs with safe and easy-to-use components in the Trade SecretTM Pro Leather Restore.

From restoring scratches and worn areas to their original beauty to repairing tears, scuffs and hangnails, Pro Leather Restore allows you to color and seal various types of common leather damage in moments.

This leather color touch-up and repair system containing leather colorants, Repair Compound, Leather Sealer and various other tools of the trade is truly the cat’s meow…especially when that same cat has got its claws into your favorite leather sofa!

Use Trade Secret Pro Leather Restore to bring all of your leather (except Nubuck and suede), vinyl and bycast pieces back to life!.

  • Repair cuts, holes, hangnails and various types of surface damage with the Repair Compound
  • Restore color to worn areas and scuffs with the intermixable leather colorants
  • Make your repairs permanent with the Leather Sealer
  • Ideal for:
    • Leather sofas and chairs
    • Automotive leathers
    • Leather jackets & other leather apparel
    • Leather footwear
  • Compatible with most leather types (except Nubuck and suede), vinyl and bycast

Having trouble matching the colour? Use this
handy online tool to help guide your colour mixes:

Online Colour Matching Tool